Dr. Colker has over 27 years of experience in executive coaching, leadership and management development, change management, organizational development, enhancing team effectiveness, and more.

Dr. Colker holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. He combines a core understanding of leadership, business, and psychology in a manner that allows him to effectively work with people from all backgrounds and experiences and to facilitate change from a system’s perspective.

Experience and Expertise

Senior executive in corporate learning and talent management with diverse experience working in several industries in both internal and consulting roles.

  • Senior consultant for over 10 years in management consulting and training practice; Chief Learning Officer for 12 years for a 2.4 billion community-development finance corporation with 12 companies in the US and abroad.
  • Utilized Crowdsourced Coaching® with leaders at all levels for alignment, organizational development, change management, problem solving and skill enhancement to optimize business results.
  • Developed and implemented the succession planning process and the high potential leadership development program corporate-wide.
  • Created and implemented an enhanced developmental planning process corporate-wide.
  • Designed and delivered change management initiatives to enhance team effectiveness.
  • Implemented customer service change initiative corporate-wide leading to over a 40% improvement in service metrics.
  • Delivered enhanced sales outcomes for the Retail and Mortgage Lending Divisions of a 2.4 billion dollar bank.
  • Facilitated a strategy that led to recognition by Workforce Chicago as best in class in learning and development and the Right Workplace Award for positive people practices.
  • Delivered five major international consulting projects: customer service culture change with bank enterprises in the Republic of Georgia and Azerbaijan; introduced service approaches to 6 banks in Armenia; assessed performance management and other HR practices for a bank in Mongolia; assessed HR practices of a banking enterprise in India and provided improvement plan.
  • Co-led development centers assessing over two hundred managers on critical competencies and then coaching seventy of them to focus on high gain developmental activities.
  • Co-led the roll out of a revised human capital system throughout the entire Nuclear Division of a power company including succession, performance management, developmental planning, career development, and a revised compensation system.
  • Challenged over seven hundred managers to improve coaching skills through a training course, which utilized a Crowdsourced Coaching® model to highlight immediate problems and generate significant options for improvement.
Additional Background

Dr. Colker also has 20 years of progressively responsible clinical roles including five years in a full time psychotherapy practice. Many of Dr. Colker's clients have been business leaders. He also had P&L responsibility for seven years as a department head of a hospital managing a staff of 50 and an educational institution.

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