Dr Feehan has been involved in relationship counselling and enrichment, student counselling, and marriage preparation for over three decades. She has a Doctorate in Ministry, a Masters in Theology, a Masters in Education with a focus on Adult Learning/Education, and a Bachelor of Education. She is a sessional lecturer, Campus Minister, and student counsellor at St Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta, and is a Board Member and Thesis/Dissertation Advisor at St Stephen’s College, UofA. She has authored several publications in the areas of marriage preparation, marriage relationship and couples’ resources, including Saying I Do, Yes You Can, What God Has Joined, & And the Two Shall Remain as One, published by Novalis Press.

Dr Feehan has completed Levels One and Two of the Gottman Couples’ Therapy Method. She has a strong background in theological and faith research and inquiry, and is a frequent counsellor in areas of faith, spirituality, and religious queries. Her discipline includes journeying with couples and individuals.

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