President & Consultant

I am a retired principal who served students from ages four to twenty in my 35 years in education. Graduating with a Masters in Counselling Psychology in 1988, I have continued to upgrade graduate level courses until as recently as 2017 and used my training extensively in supporting children, teens, and their families. Throughout my career I have worked as a school counsellor, taught parenting classes, engaged in individual, group, and marriage counselling.

Having studied and practiced counselling for many years, my approach values a strength-based perspective. Encouragement is integral to an optimistic, thriving human spirit and establishing an effective working relationship. Change is a non-negotiable that is embraced in an environment of realism and support. I value my clients as partners in navigating adversities and challenges in order to realize a positive outcome.

“Overcoming difficulties leads to courage, self-respect, and knowing yourself.” – Alfred Adler

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