Crowdsourced CoachingĀ® helps companies maximize collaborative relationships
Through facilitated discussions, cohorts of leaders or employees have real conversations about their work challenges, practices, culture, and development needs. As the circle of trust deepens, the group's collective knowledge offers a platform for best practice advice, tools, and resources. Groups meet in person or use technology for worldwide participation.
-How It Works-
Step One: Initial Relationship
An initial discussion with each participant and facilitator explains the model, addresses any concerns, and discusses any work challenges, practices, and development needs considered private or confidential. An ultimate goal is to have each participant be willing to align with the structure and process and to be open with the other participants. A kick-off meeting helps participants build relationships, understand their collective strengths, challenges, and development needs, and reach agreement on how the group will best function.
Step Two: On-Going Group Meetings
Each group contracts for a specific time of engagement and frequency of meetings. In each session, with guidance from the facilitator, a participant presents a real workplace issue or challenge relevant to the goals within the cohort. The group learns how to mutually coach and support each other and generate a range of alternatives and actions to consider.
Step Three: On-the-Job Development
Since the group discusses a range of best practice solutions, participants are expected to implement agreed upon actions and report on progress. Follow up discussion on results help celebrate successes and further refine actions for best outcomes. Participants continue to note progress, completion of tasks, refinements, and new items in their development plans.
Step Four: Closure and Follow Up
The program closes with participants celebrating areas of progress. At the end of the program, participants can decide to continue meeting informally to maintain relationships and their support network.

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