In a competitive environment there are two main areas in which an individual can maximize their performance: the physical aspects and the other side of the axe to sharpen is one's mental performance skills.  Coaches have repeatedly said that the best players are the ones who demonstrate control over the mind as well as the body.

Here are some basic concepts in Jarret's approach to working with teams:

  • Thinking like an elite performer is a trained skill and therefore can be learned and improved upon by anyone.
  • We are all performers.  In life we have many performance demands whether it's occupational, in relationships, or in a sports context.  Performance skills can be applied to any different areas throughout one's life.
  • Anxiety, stress, and pressure can be useful tools in optimizing performance when effectively managed.
  • Variations in personality and style affect the ways people experience and deal with pressure.

A sample of some key learning outcomes generated from a 30min consultation with a coach are:

  1. Re-framing pressure, stress, and anxiety to make them work for you and your team.
  2. How to use imagery and thoughts to enhance your attitude and performance focus.
  3. Learn techniques and exercises to control physical reactions to pressure.
  4. Identify your own sport personality profile and how this relates to other teammates, coaching staff, and/or parents.

Ready to take the first step?

Jarret would be willing to offer a free 30 minute in-person consultation with the coaching staff of a team to think through team challenges and opportunities from a sports/performance psychology perspective.

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