Perfect Parenting and Other Myths: A Parent Study Group


Children do not come with instruction manuals.  Tantrums, messes, hyperactivity and other challenges are areas caregivers and others are faced with in meeting the responsibilities of raising kids. A core focus for us is to empower caregivers to navigate through child rearing challenges and to prepare the next generation of adults.  Our approach is rooted in the principals and theories of Individual (Adlerian) Psychology.

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Outcomes of a Parent Study Group

1. Children develop self-discipline, feelings of worth, and build capacity through the acceptance of responsibilities and the willingness to postpone pleasures to meet the needs of a situation.

2. Children who find a place of belonging and are able to celebrate community, learn to get along with others, and become contributors to a group’s effort to overcome challenges.

3. Children who exhibit high self-efficacy respect themselves, others, and develop into adults who will not allow themselves or others to be exploited.

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